Saturday, February 9, 2008

Undersea cable snap

The recent snapping of optical cable under the sea, presumed to be caused by ship anchoring makes one wonder about the reliability of the networks in place. I also happened to read a Reuters report yesterday, that a total of 5 undersea cables were broken in different places; and that the cause was not really the ships as claimed... weird world!

Update(15 Feb): Well, it seems I'm mistaken about the total number 5. I'd read a report online which I think was from Reuters that said it was 5. Anyway, even if its just 3, the incident had me off the net for 2 whole days, and then real slow for another 2 days.

Update(17 Feb): More news of the report of 5 cables being cut. See here for one such report.


Nabeel said...

sure @ ship anchors. But 5 cables at various locations? Hard to believe.

Skanky Jane said...

Hi Kaps - so what caused it do you know? Seems perfectly reasonable to me that they could be broken accidentally by ships but also deliberately sabotaged - and yes - does make you aware of the vulnerability of our networks.

Thanks for stopping by Found in Pockets and leaving your comment - much appreciated! Wow - you have quite a few blogs, I'll drop by and check them out! Nice work. SJ xx

Princess said...

I never know those cables were so vulnerable. Maybe they will make them stronger in the future. You can join our blog group if you like its at

Corentine said...

Well said.